Widows interested in dating aged fifty tosixty

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Sweety if you think we can't keep up then you've been with the wrong men. And regardless of my hormonal condition, I can still be into intimacy with my man if I am into my man (which I am wholeheartedly and it's friggin great).Odd tho I always thought it was the over 40 and 50 woman who couldn't keep up with me. I'm 45, and lost my drive during the last several years of my marriage. But have since found that the removal of my piece of crap husband worked miracles for my sex drive. The following is a response I had posted with a similar thread content As I am over 40...

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I say continue keeping up the great job in whatever your doing to keep yourselves looking good.To OP -- no you don't need to search for younger women.You need to search for women who appreciate a healthy sex life.the only way to crave sex when the ovaries no longer secrete estrogen is to be on hormones artifically. the estrogen patch caused me to have a TIA (mini-stroke) after having it on for two days. lucky i was in great health to begin with and there was no consequence once i took the patch off. SURE because older women prefer younger men..........least for sex I have female friends older than 50 and nobody have problems with libido after menopause....have another problem - they want it too much Why search for any specific age range? I haven't experienced it myself, but why not have lovers in their 40s or 50s or more?so your ladies over 50 were (are) probably taking estrogen since most doctors put women on it or at least try to recommend it. I certainly wouldn't want an age or a time to stop me from having fun, so why should anybody else?

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