Who is heidi cornell dating

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Heidi Watney is an American sportscaster who works for the MLB network as a host and reporter.Watney’s career is an enviable one, considering how much success she has achieved within a short space of time.As a sportscaster for MLB, Heidi has since 2013 been the host of weeknight baseball highlights show Quick Pitch.As some sort of side job, Heidi puts her modelling side to monetary use by shilling for a special brand of baseball t-shirts and clothes, as well as other branded items via her social media accounts.Heidi is the cousin of professional golfer Nick Watney.

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Her family has a history of sports – her dad Mike has a golf coach since 1979.The rumors began to swirl after the two were seen engaging in what seemed like an intimate conversation at a Baltimore bar in 2008.And when Jason Varitek filed for divorce from his wife of 10-years in 2008, the rumors only intensified.Mike is a coach with the Fresno State Athletics and the California State University.Heidi has three siblings, a brother named Josh and two sisters.

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