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If you were calling every hour or 6 times a day, that might be considered clingy. A little call to say you were thinking about your significant other is sweet. I learned that the hard way and was dumped for it about 4 years ago.

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When it comes down to it, just be smart and considerate of his schedule, and say what you really mean. Can you really trust a singles site advice on the proper way to date? If it's still at the point where we are not officially together I'll call every couple of days or text them. But then, in today's economic climate, work always takes precedence so a date or phone call isn't always easy, while the above two are. You jsut have to find what works for the both of you.Many of my friends, however, can talk on the phone for any number of hours.Casually ask her in a conversation if she's a big phone person with her friends or whomever. Ask anything you'd like to know within boundries (no touchy or overly-personal subjects). all right, seems it's time for me to reduce my phone calls ;-) .....You can do this in many ways, but a simple phone call to say hi and that you are thinking of her is one of the easiest ways. Forget rules, forget what others say you should or shouldn't do. If you want to call, then pick up the phone and call.Honestly, what is so wrong about taking 5 minutes of your time just to call her? If she was to call you just to say she was thinking of you, wouldn't you be flattered? The person who knows your relationship best is you, you are the only one who knows how it is going. Call when you feel like it, she'll like it and it in no way means you are being clingy. It's clingy, needy, and it is coming on too strong too fast.

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