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(Chusmo) To have broken the promise (oath) we had given. 64 - 65 Lyrics and Music: Date: Musical form: Ternary Literary form: Monologue Published . Kalliz mogach ujean khotkhot'talem, (translation: ? ) Vóch tum tondd korun hanstem, Going with a smiling face, Gue ho beij kalliz korun ugttem. (Refrain) Aitrach' Y Aum-um Missa' Votalim I used to go to Mass on Sundays Type: Mando Source: Pereira, José/ Martins, Micael. Aryan Books International, Pooja Apartments, 4B, Ansari Road, Darya Ganj, New Delhi-110 002 Translated by José Pereira Aitrach'y aum-um missa' votalim, I (female) used to go to Mass on Sundays, Soglem misso convers martalim. Manual vatsun lok' dakoitalim, I made people believe I was reading the missal, Anchan-tinchan pajnam portitalim. And on going home, used to throw myself on the bed. Do, si, re, la, sol, Lisaum[4] geun vegim maka sorhy. Aiz Anv Bhair Sorlam Korunk Gainam (Goenkari) I have come out today to sing a song Type: Mando Source: F. Goeam amchea sovostkai nam, There is no happiness in our Goa. Are looking on me dolefully, At this parting hour, Sweetheart mine. Coslem zait amchem nostem furtun, How unfortunate has been our broken luck, Juramento dilolo uddonc moddun. 124-125 Lyrics and Music: Inácio Fernandes (1872-1927) Date: Composed about 1904 Musical form: Descriptive Literary form: Monologue Published 2000. I hear Mass amid pearls of laughter, Bairi sornum cumprimentar kortam. Sodanch y amim banha' votaliym, We used to go bathing always, Manencheri kenso galtalim. Garantule sintmento ditalim, I used to tell people of the things that went on at home, Bagery vosun sopttunum porhtalim. Visro nezo Club Nacionalak, Khuxealponn dil'munn sogleank, Voir kaddun amche Goenche, Vhoddilanche mogall mandde. Ugddas ghal'munn mogacheam manddaencher, Khuxeal bhorit zalim amchim kallzam, Aikun aiz him Goenchim gaienam. Punn noxiban nam tem mellonam, You will not get what is not destined for you. Mandos as PDF file Editorial date of the lyrics: 27th March, 2005 These songs with staff-notation are available on the links with the names of the authors and the books in which they were published. 72-73 Lyrics and Music: Date: Musical form: Ternary[2] Literary form: Dialogue 1 Published . Mandos: First lines in alphabetical order Adeus Korcho Vellu Paulo[1] The time to say farewell has come Type: Mando Source: Lourdinho Barreto. Printed by Pedro Barreto, Panaji Translated by Lourenço de Noronha, Vienna, Adeus korcho vell(u) paulo.

torture) sad feeling, Ankvarponn tukach rê bhettoitam. Sangat kabar zalear zaum, Even though our friendship comes to an end, Dhoni Dev feliz tuka koruum. Tuji felecidad´chouncheak, To see you happiness, Rautaum-rê ami otregunum. Adeus Kortso Vellu Pauta[3] The moment of farewell approaches Type: Mando Source: Pereira, José/ Martins, Micael. Aryan Books International, Pooja Apartments, 4B, Ansari Road, Darya Ganj, New Delhi - 110 002 Translated by José Pereira Adeus kortso vellu pauta. Their role in society has changed somewhat over the years, but they have taken the leadership position flexibility to redefine women in Vietnam.They do so in an environment where both the strength and weaknesses of women through policy, cultural beliefs and social norms.Thuy Duong Amy (Tran Thuy Duong) is fifth year student pharmacists of Ho Chi Minh University Of Medicine And Pharmacy.A wonder girl came from Long An (Mekong Delta - South Vietnam).

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