Updating software on verizon phone

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So this means I have a rebate and a rebate for the MIFI2200 3G line. I have been looking and researching, asking friends, and checking coverage for the last year.

I get confused with what they can do, but so many of the ones I saw seemed kind of cheap.

The salesperson inserted the AT&T sim that i was using at the time and all working fine.

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The downside to Runkeeper is that after a six mile beach walk, it tells me I only burned 530 calories....Ultimately, it's a great little media player and handy extra remote for my ROKUs and time Warner cable box.If I have wifi available, it's handy for looking up stuff.Hello-My contract for the 2 lines I have with Verizon has been up for renewal for about a year.I also came in right before they ended the New Every Two program.

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