Updating my wardrobe

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It’s also crew-necked which I love as it keeps me so warm.I was so shocked at how soft and luxury feeling this jumper was when I tried it on.

I have it in three colours (black and grey, black and burgundy, blue and red).I’ve only just been introduced to the ‘borg lining’ world and boy, it’s a good one.The best way I can describe the feel of it is that it’s like a faux sheepskin material and it’s soft. There were a few other styles of this jacket when I was last in Primark and I have seen that they are still selling them so if this takes your fancy, you know what to do. It is SO cosy making it perfect for the cold Winter months to come!I love the mix of colours and the retro vibes it has, and at £4.99, I think it’s a pretty good deal. I have linked everything that I am able to, however, the bits from Primark aren’t available online but you should still be able to find them in store!I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if there are any new bits you have bought lately for winter.

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