Updating bios is required to unleash its full power

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If that message keeps appearing (and you cant update the BIOS), you'll have to install a lower spec CPU, flash it then put that E8500 CPU back in There's 3 different ways you can update a BIOS on an ASUS mobo. But you should load the BIOS into it (dont let it find then update it). They have the highest chance of failure and bricking your system, then you can be down for some real fun trying to fix it (although not impossible, but do require the right tools and skills) EZ-Flash and such utilities are better but not always bug free either. If you turned it on, it would never boot into windows (it would loop, after detecting what was in the system). Unless the system supported USB, you wont be able to flash a BIOS And another computer I fixed, the latest BIOS made it loop continuously.

Personally I boot plain DOS from somewhere, usually a floppy disk, and flash that way, never had an issue doing it that way either. The other computer here, the latest BIOS USED to corrupt the BIOS (funny how it used to corrupt itself when it felt like it). If you turned it on, it would never boot into windows (it would loop, after detecting what was in the system). Unless the system supported USB, you wont be able to flash a BIOSNo, if the BIOS on there didn't support the CPU, it would never support the CPU.

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Also has a higher ouput PSU, don't know if that would have any bearing.

Asus P5K-E mobo Intel E8500 cpu HD 4870 gpu Win7 x64 os At bootup "Unknown CPU is detected, updating BIOS is required to unleash its full power!

Check your systems information to see whether you need an x86 etc etc" Well, all the drivers came from Asus for Win7 x64. Get the BIOS update (looks like its up to 1305 if its P5K-E), extract it to a USB flash drive. Wait for it to finish updating it, reconfigure / save the settings. Thats if the BIOS supports it Yeah forget those Winflash programs unless you have no other option. And another computer I fixed, the latest BIOS made it loop continuously.

SLanguage=fr-fr&p=1&m=P5WDG2 WS Professional&cpu=Core 2 Duo E8500 (3.16GHz,1333FSB, L2:6MB,rev.

C0)&pcb=ALL&sincebios=0905&memo= comment savoir si le processeur est un 64 bit?

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