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Although we may be tethered to Tinder, we’ve got more brick-and-mortar love shacks to choose from than in those halcyon days of newspaper columns and whatever made Big so rich.

These are the best lounges, dives, and neighborhood gems for single folks to get out there and meet cute. One of the last true dives in chichi Nolita, Botanica is a workhorse in the downtown nightlife scene.

(Alternatively, it’s a good backup for when you’ve burned through everyone in your own borough.) Sunday night trivia, Once an overflow room for ‘burg staples like Union Pool and The Commodore, Rocka Rolla is still the neighborhood’s premier destination for sloppy seconds.

Together, Southern Americana decor (an American flag hangs on a wood-paneled wall over a jukebox), adrenaline-tapping but inoffensive rock music, and massive cocktail goblets make this the perfect place to take a long, deep breath and love the one you’re with. The archetypal meet market, Le Bain was voted “most likely place to hook up with a European” by us, just now.

Historian Alan Brinkley argues the move was "badly mistaken", for had Luce been allowed to travel, he would have been an enthusiastic cheerleader for American forces around the globe.

Luce served as business manager while Hadden was editor-in-chief.This hotel bar has become a real-life Slack room for the area’s Silicon Alley internet manufacturers.A large-format cocktail built for up to 10 -- like the massive Madison Park Smash -- pings all the boys to the yard.Summon some liquid courage during a prolonged happy hour (drink specials run until 9pm weekdays), load up the jukebox with slow jams, and get your flirt on.If you live in the neighborhood and you’re through with interborough relationships, this is a chill spot for local craft beers and seven varieties of chicken wings.

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