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Thedatingspecialist seems to be a properly managed and really safe resource well-proved with such a huge amount of positive reviews.

I have been trying to talk to a girl at work for a while. Because people in her floor recognize my face, but don't really know me. She would also feel awkward, and probably thinks me weird. Is there a way to find out this, without asking Do you have a boyfriend? I know you want it to be a sure thing but that's just not how it works. All they hear is "if i can't have sex with you then there is no point in talking to you".

Besides, when you're talking to her you need the attention to be on you and to avoid the possibility of distractions. It's a short conversation, and she appears to be nice. I plan to ask "Do you come here with family or yourself". Me: Is your boyfriend OK with you working on almost every sat.?

If you're looking for some ideas, suggest something that requires a low investment on her part. But you're right, directly asking her if having a boyfriend is kind of awkward. Even though I prepared what to say if she has a boyfriend. Her: He is not here.(After this, I shut down myself. Buy I forgot what I have prepared to say if she has a boyfriend.

Im great at holding conversations with them and i can make them laugh but as soon as i show my intentions they say no or act cold. Can someone help me They key to getting woman is acting like you don't want them. Every one goes through this, otherwise there wouldn't be dating coaches making money off of websites like this haha. The trait that women look for the most in a man is confidence.

It's hard to mention problems you may have if you only write a few sentences. You probably know what you need to do but it helps having the reminder and encouragement to stick with it. One of the better things you can do, is to invest in yourself.

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Still if neither of those things happen you could develop a really close relationship with her that could turn into something special in the future.

At the very least you made a new friend who just happens to be really attractive. If I directly asked her out again, if she is not interested, she can tell me about boyfriend.

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