The gridview fired event rowupdating which wasn t handled Naughty camera sex

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Visible = True End If End Using Else If Criteria Drop Down List. Subject Type" Then Using my Literature Catalogue As New Model.

The Grid View then takes care of displaying the correct page.

By calling the data binding code again in Page Index Changing, you reassign the data source.

Additionally, Criteria Button_Click isn't fired, and thus the Grid View is empty.

“Select” – Raises the Selected Index Changing and Selected Index Changed events. “Update” – Raises the Row Updating and Row Updated events.

So when we use these special key words as the Command Name for the buttons in the Grid View, they automatically invoke the built in functionality of the Grid View when we click on the button.

Then in the code behind I have handled the On Row Command event.

In the event handler function I have checked for the Command Name property and write necessary code for each of the actions.

When you move to a new page, the existing data is lost.

Phil The same principle applies: move the code from Criteria Button_Click to a separate sub like Set Data Source and call that new method from both Criteria Button_Click and Page Index Changing. What would be an appropriate datatype for the method statement? Publications From subject In my Literature Catalogue.

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