Teenager mom dating

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He was from Columbia and he mentioned to me that he might have something that could help.

He gave me a powder that they call "devils breath".

Although Mom started looking better she still looked sad and dressed very plain.

One day I used the magic powder to suggest that she would start dressing sexy again.

I told her when she woke up the pain from my father's death would start to become more bearable and she would no longer spend all her time in her room. The next morning I saw her up and preparing breakfast for me for the first time in a long while.

He said to blow some in her face and she would become very suggestible like a type of deep hypnosis.

She would also not remember anything about what I had done by the time the powder had worn off.

She stopped taking care of herself, drank too much, and just watched mindless TV all day.

She had always been beautiful and a knockout looking a lot like Angelina Jolie.

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