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However, the source said Gomez and Teefey aren't letting it ruin their mother-daughter relationship."Now that [her opinion of Bieber] is out in the open, there’s no need to keep dwelling on it," the source said.

Has anyone else noticed that Taylor Swift immediately changes her look to reflect her boyfriend’s personal style?

On a night out, Styles dressed up and Swift followed suit, matching her look to his—it must be pointed out that they are practically wearing the same boots—and letting fans know that they were a quirky, boho couple.

Let's just say you wouldn't have seen Swift wearing a gypsy dress, harness, and worn ankle boots on date night with Conor Kennedy.

Ditto to those leather jackets and all-black ensembles she’d step out in while in her last relationship, with Harris wearing pretty much the exact same thing on her arm.

As she circles the globe on some sort of crazed PR tour with her new man, here’s a quick glance back at her ex-boyfriends and her style choices, which are related to each other in such a direct way that it’s kind of astonishing.

From her preppy looks while dating Conor Kennedy to the pop princess style she emanated in the era of Joe Jonas, here’s a flashback at her various sartorial preferences, from 2008 to the present.

OK, yes, it was 2008, and Taylor Swift was only 18, but her fashion sense during this time can only be described as pop-princess-dating-a-member-of-the-Jonas-brothers.

White-blonde was perfect for dating a famous DJ, but not so much for a reserved, cultured, classy 35-year-old like Hiddleston.

Swift quickly ramped up her wardrobe to make herself appear older and more age-appropriate when she started up with Mayer.

No baby-pink ballerina dresses or gold ice-skating frocks here.

Calvin Harris: March 2015–May 2016 Aaand cue the rock-star vibes once again.

Swift's romance with the DJ led to an almost immediate re-adoption of her earlier edgier looks circa 2010, when she was trying to impress her much-older boyfriend John Mayer.

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