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consisting of a small, battery powered device with an lcd screen, the tamagotchi was a small animal that the owner could give food and drink to and pet to stay entertained. *cricket,cricket* plz someone tell me i mean 5 have aready died becuz i don't know how to work it – by still confusedi got one… we just wanted to make some people laugh by writing stupid things on this web page! not paying attention to your pet meant that it eventually died and the lcd went blank. but its starting to get on my nerves it won't quit beeping!!!!! i put the batteries in the toy and she hasn't put it down since. oh and by de way u r on at the same time as me again, we must be meant for ne anoder i mean one another, but u have ruined my anus andmy life so i am not talking to you anymore. hello mini me, i will speak to you if yo will sit next to me. yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yosee i can be your friend!!! well ok she does put it down when she has to go to school but i just babysit lol:). how is pebbles the one for you when yall are the same person!!!!!! japan boy, was ^, i can speak japanese, you want free won ton? – by bambam/big kidi, bambam, am here to be more annoying than a tamagotchi will ever be. i remember i had a dino…wasn't a tamawhatthefuck but it used to poo and such, children are so easily amused. we have 148 members so far, not that all post, some lerk. now i am going to go find that old furby that named himself “satan” and see if he still works. we can't wait till tamagotchi plus is released in japan because alot of us have already pre-ordered it. i explained that it was digital pet and that you have to take care of if or it would die. well bye bye all you freekie geelies out there holla!!! simfreak and i could help you get a little “freakier.” if you know what i you handle 2 babes that are a little on the “wild” side? i didn't have any batteries in it so we ran to the store to get a set of new ones. simfreak135 came up with most of the stupid stuff we said and we left the letters out on purpose.

the annoying beeping is what put me off, and you could always tell when owners had had enough, as they used to take pleasure in ignoring the tamagotchi until it shut-up or died a digital death. – by freak and bami think bam is getting a little too carried away. if anyone wants to chat, write and we'll get back to you whenever bam's around. she loves the toy to pieces and asked where she could get another one. tell me why you like pretending someone is sitting next to you!!! my dad was from japan and mother was a grape, a red grape. only so you will think twice before you throw it away. if you enjoyed my little annoying chat,please contact simfreak135 goodbyeeveryone on this pg is either me or sitting by me! – by bambam/cheapasssimfreak135 is really my friend and is sitting beside me. i told her the only place that i knew of was ebay and i didn't want to spend a fortune either. – by simfreak135i'm not talking to you anymore. she and i got together to create bambam, that's a word i like 2 say. i am currently raising 6 tamagotchis and 2 of them are adults. i am determined to buy one of each tamagotchi plus. – by maskutchii have to agree with maskutchi here on the tamagotchi. it isn't hard to take care of the toy if you read the directions!!!!

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