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These people are said to have come from the South of India and reached the Island through a land bridge connecting the Indian subcontinent to Sri Lanka named Adam’s Bridge.This is related so in the epic Hindu book of Ramayana. A steamer ferry links Rameswaram, India, with Mannar, Sri Lanka.Anti-Muslim rioting has flared in the hills of central Sri Lanka despite a state of emergency as the Government ordered popular social media networks including Facebook be blocked to stop the violence from spreading.The police also ordered a curfew across much of the region for the third straight day, trying to calm the situation.Sri Lanka has long been divided between the majority Sinhalese, who are overwhelmingly Buddhist, and minority Tamils who are Hindu, Muslim and Christian.

Stroll among the haunting ruins of some of history’s most vibrant and thriving ancient societies.Today’s Sri Lanka remains a seductive land of serendipity.In a beguiling destination few Westerners have experienced, walk among some of the most breathtaking landscapes on Earth, from sylvan forests dotted with terraced fields and lotus ponds to misty undulating hills carpeted with hand-harvested tea bushes.Buddhist mobs then swept through towns outside Kandy, burning at least 11 Muslim-owned shops and homes, resulting in the emergency announcement.Police fired tear gas into the crowds, and later announced a curfew in the town.

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