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On the second day of this event, a session on metropolitan and functional area governance is organised, followed by presentations from other Member States on City Networks and Clusters.All participants will have the possibility to be actively involved in the discussions.On the first day, a session dedicated to Urban Mobility in cities opens this event, where presentations will be given by cities from other Member States, followed by plenary presentations of Italian city cooperation examples.The participating cities will have the change to attend our speed-dating sessions on city cooperation.The tussle between two firms that both answer to the Italian state and closely cooperate on naval programs around the world is due to new rivalry as both edge toward teaming on naval programs with France’s Naval Group.The Italo-French deal is still being thrashed out, but may see a 10 percent share swap between Naval Group and Fincantieri and joint export campaigns to reduce the fractured nature of the European shipbuilding industry.This workshop is organised in the context of the Urban Development Network (Art.9 of the ERDF Regulation 1301/2013).

1301/2013 del Fondo europeo di sviluppo regionale (FESR) nell'ambito del Programma Operativo Nazionale Città Metropolitane e alle città destinatarie degli interventi degli assi urbani o delle ITI dei Programmi Operativi Regionali (POR).

Questa sessione inizierà con la presentazione di tre buone prassi di cooperazione in Italia.

La terza sessione si concentrerà sulle Aree Metropolitane e comprenderà una prima parte in seduta plenaria con presentazioni dell’OCSE, di ESPON e di città europee, seguita da lavori in piccoli gruppi ( e comprenderà una parte plenaria con presentazioni della città di Lubiana, di rappresentanti della Finlandia e di altre città europee o di altri Stati membri.

Men like their macho status here in Italy, and I think many would feel quite hurt if the lady would take lead on this.

ROME — Italy’s two state-controlled defense champions, Leonardo and Fincantieri, have fought an unusual battle over the acquisition of a smaller company as they jockey for position ahead of their expected integration of naval work with French industry.

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