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That variance causes the Northern hemisphere to experience winter, while the Southern hemisphere experiences summer.If Earth didn't revolve, this situation would never change and the Northern hemisphere would experience constant winter. When the Northern and Southern hemispheres are experiencing equal amounts of direct solar radiation, this translates to spring and fall in the respective hemispheres, depending on whether we are moving towards summer or winter.But, the revolution of Earth is responsible for things much more noticeable than leap years. Notice how the earth has its top tilted away from the sun?

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In fact, Earth revolves around the sun in a path called an ellipse, which is like an oval.So you want to grab some big curvy ass, join in now and do what you want.Find these big beautiful curvy women awesome then start dating and have sex with them whenever you want.Earth revolves around the sun at about 108,000 kilometers per hour, which is roughly the equivalent of 67,000 miles per hour. We don't notice that speed on Earth because everything around us is moving at the same rate, which is why the screen you're looking at appears to be stationary.But rest assured, we're all traveling through space together at a pretty good clip.

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