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The hallway leading to the room is lined with memories of drinking and other high jinks, including photos of Monroe, Sinatra and other members of the Rat Pack.

One shot is of Sinatra in a laughing crowd, wearing a Cal-Neva Shriner fez while a blond in a low-cut dress looks on.

He added on the Frank Sinatra Celebrity Showroom, installed a helicopter pad on the roof and hired Skinny D' Amato to be manager, and for the next three years, the horses were out of the chute.

Those titillated by the most recent wave of Rat Pack-era nostalgia -- including the Kevin Costner film "Thirteen Days," about the Cuban missile crisis, and an upcoming Marilyn Monroe miniseries based on Joyce Carol Oates' latest tome -- will be happy to hear that the 350-seat showroom is still in use today.

Biographers always linger on the fact that Monroe was not considered a great lover.

For her, sex was clearly something else, something from deep inside her past, perhaps a horribly wrong experience from childhood.

Dino (Dean Martin) himself once said, "When Sinatra dies, they're giving his zipper to the Smithsonian." What a place the Cal-Neva must have been: goons opening the doors of big sedans at the entrance, high rollers coming to Tahoe to lose their shirts, bang a couple of hookers and catch the last scraps of pre-rock 'n' roll showbiz.

But thanks to former co-owners Frank Sinatra and Sam Giancana, it's best known as a mobster and celebrity getaway. It had the circular bed, and that's where she got it on with JFK.

The bartender gestures out the windows to three little cabins on a slope just above the lake. There's all sorts of catacombs underneath here.

When I first started working here I stepped in the wrong place and fell 6 feet through the floor." "No," she replies, "but I broke two of my toes." Lake Tahoe is the third-deepest alpine lake in North America, a puddle of endless mysteries.

Many have drowned in its freezing water over the years, but their bodies are never found.

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