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The social networking apps that are really fronts for dating apps are a poor substitute for PPW.

This is hands down the best pen pal site I've been to.

I seek real friendship, for us to have chemistry we don’t have .... I was born in Chicago, Illinois but was raised mostly in Dallas, Texas so I have a more southern swag. Pre lock up I was able to attend a year of college, which I'm trying to continue with St Louis U today. Louidgy Bance (31), New Jersey In a world where attention is focused on priorities other matters of either interest or importance, I’m hoping you can find it in you to take a minute to read what’s before you in the event you de....

For a long time I wanted to communicate with people in general in a non-chat format.

There's something about the format that is ideal for fostering a different experience here than on other sites, whether they be dating sites or pen pal sites or whatever.

Maybe it's the short profile text and single profile photo.

After all, choosing your spouse is a choice for life.

The monks used to say "ora et labora" — pray and work.

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