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Robin is best known for having huge boobs, which she first proclaimed them being real on the first episode of The Real World San Diego. You can see partially nude pictures of Robin Hibbard in a calendar called “The Sexiest Women of Reality TV.” While on the show, Robin assaulted a marine and was thrown into jail overnight.

On the 10th episode of The Duel, Robin lost to Aneesa and was sent home.

Robin Hibbard, quite possibly one of the most popular MTV reality show stars, made her show debut on The Real World San Diego.

Since then, Robin Hibbard has appeared on Battle of the Sexes II, The Inferno II, and now The Duel.

She defeated Casey Cooper in the sixth Duel, winning an event called Pole Wrestle.

She has used racial slurs with her African American roommates, notably in her season of The Real World.

She graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2004 with a major in psychology and currently is working for Nestle Waters North America selling Deer Park Waters.

Kina Dean, first featured in the 13th season of Road Rules: X-Tream, has since been brought back by MTV to compete in the Real World/Road Rules Challenge, Battle of the Sexes II, The Gauntlet II, and also The Duel.

Diem is now part of The Duel, and while she gets eliminated in the 14th episode by castmate Aneesa Ferreira, she was a fierce competitor.

On the show, Diem removed her wig for the first time for a challenge.

Her favorite television shows include Grey’s Anatomy and The O. Jodi is single, looking for a good, Christian guy to be with.

Jodi is often criticized for her new found Christianity because of some of the things she does while on MTV. Diem Brown, now 25 years old, was first featured on MTV’s Fresh Meat located in Australia in September of 2005.

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