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After all, what would people think of a father hugging his teenage girl who has become a young woman?

They may think that there is something inappropriate going on. Kunz commented on this subject by saying: "Certainly the absence of ways to express physical affection appropriately must be related in some way to the shocking rates of father-daughter incest in this country and the widely publicized correlation between homosexual men and emotionally aloof fathers.

In reality, not expressing appropriate affection may be related to the very thing they were trying to avoid. Some serious family specialists have encouraged more appropriate physical affection between dads and their boys, dads and daughters and other members of the family." (Effective Families, pp.

80-82.)After a presentation to a group of teenagers in a Midwestern state, I visited with several youth and their leaders while waiting for my ride to arrive.

After returning home, I received a letter from one of these young girls.

She said, "I thought you might want to know how much it meant to Misty and me when you talked to us after your presentation.

And I guess I'm in the minority for thinking that the romance aspect of the first arc of SAO was one of the best parts about it.When we do not express love to family members through hugs etc. Children need love, affection and kindness from their parents to feel secure.In what ways do you show your children that they are loved?It began to make more sense as I continued reading her letter."When I got into the car, my father was angry about something, and he started degrading everyone.He didn't want to hear about our youth camp or anything that had happened. It hurt me so much that I couldn't stop crying from to ."She went on to describe her dad as a very good man, but one who had a bad temper and was very cold, showing her little love and affection. I felt very bad for this young girl, and I began to realize why a simple hug and saying "I love you" meant so much to her.

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