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Norway is the greatest place in the world you know. Oh you’re that French girl who writes about Norwegians. Note: this was inspired by a twitter competition called #First Date Questions. Out plan is to stay ahead of the pack with respects to Security.I am full of energy and appreciate to meet a new day, new live, adventures, challenges. I like to learn myself, other people and world around. I am open and keep harmony inside, let it grow and share. Have a look at the advice and hints and tips listed below and you could be well on the way to success.Norwegian girls are proud and intelligent, and have a sense of humour all their own.

I really like the whale burger here, you should get that.

Beautiful Norway with its mountains, fjords and fresh air, is a country that follows western trends and has a high standard of living.

The country is almost unique in that the women generally are better educated than the men, and attain excellent job prospects when they graduate from University.

Despite this I am very cheerful and positive, I like to laugh, to I was born and raised in norway. Ended up travelling and educating myself for 9years.

I am a loving, kind, caring, simple, easy going, humble, honest, decent and fun to be with. and i like cooking, shopping, traveling, reading, cleaning, responsible, open minded and spontaneous.

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