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Your jersey will hang forever next to the uniforms of three players from the current roster, providing visual evidence of your working relationship with Tom Brady, Aaron Rogers, or JJ Watt.Each unit is assembled by hand with a frame glazed in crystal-clear glass.More difficult to earn simoleans, so can't see how to purchase additional plots.Not a fan of this update at all, it restricts game play and rewards are a joke.Discover the path to enlightenment as a wellness guru, and learn that not everything is what it seems on the surface....The Science Center will provide access to the all new ‘Rumblings from the Deep’ Career Story.This is the framed poster that displays your name on a jersey in your favorite team’s locker room, hung next to your current players’ uniforms.

There's no guarantee everything will eventually be added. And what games would you like to see added in the future?

Llama Zoom allows you to take on special challenges multiple times per day, and can be accessed via the Llama Zoom truck at your house or the Llama Zoom button in the UI. We’ve been listening to all your feedback regarding the large variation of Tickets in the game, and have decided to merge some of these currencies.

Upon updating to Version 12.0.0, all your Home and Sim tickets will be converted to a new, single currency called Llama Zoom Tokens.

Was expecting the work I’ve done after hitting level 40 to give me a boost toward 50, would have been nice to receive rewards fore the work I’ve done while waiting for the cap increase.

Echoing that I’m not really fond of the Llamazoom thing, at least not if it takes hours to complete and only wields a single llama token as it currently does. that was my fav feature it was much more fulfilling getting those green ticks after i completed a task when i knew i'd get rewards for doing so.

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