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In the spring of 1973, Vinton Cerf, the developer of the existing ARPANET Network Control Program (NCP) protocol, joined Kahn to work on open-architecture interconnection models with the goal of designing the next protocol generation for the ARPANET.The key idea behind TCP and IP was to create "network of networks".The Internet protocol suite resulted from research and development conducted by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in the early 1970s.After initiating the pioneering ARPANET in 1969, DARPA started work on a number of other data transmission technologies. Kahn joined the DARPA Information Processing Technology Office, where he worked on both satellite packet networks and ground-based radio packet networks, and recognized the value of being able to communicate across both.The Pat and Barb Verly family and their 5 children, in laws and grandkids along with many prayer warriors have been drawn together by John's cancer...sharing daily for 8 months started this blog- Family Soul Story - Our faith, family, farm and now our cancer journey called HEALING have colored and deepened our world.That's why Department of Defense (DOD) initialed the research project to connect a number different networks designed by different vendors into a network of networks (the "Internet"). Then the President decides to invade Grenada and the armed forces discover that their computers cannot talk to each other.The Army puts out a bid on a computer and DEC wins the bid. The DOD must build a "network" out of systems each of which, by law, was delivered by the lowest bidder on a single contract.

This design allows the construction of very large networks with minimal central management.

TCP/IP data can be sent across a LAN, or it can be carried within an internal corporate network, or it can piggyback on the cable service.

Furthermore, machines connected to any of these networks can communicate to any other network through gateways supplied by the network vendor.

And TCP/IP was successful because it was relatively simple and delivered a few basic services that everyone needs (file transfer, electronic mail, remote logon) across a many different types clients, servers and operating systems.

The IP component provides routing from the local LAN to the enterprise network, then the global Internet.

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