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We encode decision-making, compensation, ownership and guidelines into smart contracts currently deployed on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Our business model is Open, Circular, Linked and Aligned.

All planned emergency and intervention methods are systematically documented by Argosguard specialists and set down in detail for the monitoring process.

Mobile Cam can function independently, as it uses satellite transmission and a fuel cell.

Join us and help build for the challenge, equity and some cash!

Global Ventures, LLC, established in 1996, is a Real Estate and Technology company focused on building and leveraging electronic corporations (e Corp) within the Domain Name System.

Truly one of the Midwest most unique homes, we are for the first time opening up the estate for leasing.

The facility is monitored by state of the art wireless security systems along with remote video surveillance for your protection. e Corp is a network of smart entities with self-organizing teams that run at the edges within premium URL’s.

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