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We arrived and everyone was really nice and it was good to meet up with a lot o..Bill, our trucker friend, showed up on day and Liz let them in.Glen and I met at a factory where we both worked the midnight shift. Nothing sexual happened for me but, even Liz can't recall when it started, she took up with Dave. (Liz reminded me of several episodes I had forgotten.) This time, Dean, Ken and Jack came over to play poker. We decided to go to this dance out of town, which is about an hour and a half from our house.Liz was also working that shift, nursing at the local hospital. (Liz reads all my posts and corrects me where I'm wrong.) We were living in a small town where we attended house parties given by the local newspaper editor/photographer. The four of us sat at the barrel table and proceeded to play. After about an hour we quit playing as Ken and Dean, who'd already had her, started talking dirty to her. We were told it was a country and western dance hall.


For those of you not familiar with me, my vagina closed up over 15 years ago.

She had at this point basically showed Phillip everything and she had made it pretty clear to me earlier that she wanted him.

We have done a lot of playing with guys that I have picked out and very little playing with guys she picks out. When she finished modeling for us she rejoined us in a silk kimono that she has. I've been fucking my neighbor for five years or so, her husband set it up as a surprise.

As I recently turned 40 I realized that I needed sex and soon.

But being the single mother of 4 children, that wasn't happening.

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