Michael jordan who is he dating

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Michael B Jordan is being stalked by ANGRY Black female fans - who are upset that he's dating a White woman named Ashlynn Castro.Michael has in the past DENIED that he's dating a White girl.When asked about her relationship status in Vogue's January issue, Lupita responded, "You can ask, but you definitely won't get an answer.

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I didn’t talk to my mom or dad or my brothers and sisters and stuff like that.

Jordan are receiving major praise for their roles in Black Panther, but they also have a lot of people wondering about their relationship status — specifically, if they're dating.

As much as we love their cute interactions, Lupita and Michael are just friends.

"Dating, but, you know, technically single."The handsome star, 30, reportedly spent New Years Eve and Kwanzaa with his now girlfriend, Ashlyn Castro.

She also shared snaps of them together on these occasions, sparking rumors that the two were a couple way back then.

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