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At times, honesty includes having the courage to express interest.

Delaying appropriate physical affection until attraction has grown in other important areas shows integrity, as does avoiding suggestive media and humor.This gives men a window of opportunity to approach her.Men sometimes avoid singling out a woman surrounded by friends, another single adult says, because they don’t want to be impolite toward the other women in the group.Steps need to be taken, and relationships need time to grow.” Megan recognizes that a date is simply “a few hours with a guy who may or may not be interested.” She believes that if a man is interested, he will express that by continuing to ask her out. Similarly, Christa says, “I’ve learned to not overanalyze a date or have a million expectations.My goal is to have fun and be myself.” Women can have more fun dating by being open to going out with a variety of men.

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