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But they also have cold hearts,” he added as an afterthought.

Alas like all hidden truths and STDs, this was one herpes pimple that couldn’t be hidden with a scarf in the summer, because in 2008 an a porn site called, which showcases black amateur porn ,was born, and within the matter of a year and a half the site now has over a million hits and has spun off a full length feauture film called , which is a clear indication that “monkeys” do spank their monkeys.

The man never introduced himself but he sat at our table throughout our whole interview grunting his approval on whatever Tau said and sometimes adding his 10 cents to the charity collection.

I just assumed that ever since Lolly Jackson died every smut peddler needs some sort of muscle, even if the guy looks like Tokyo Sexwhale’s driver.

On the day of our interview Tau is dressed in blue jeans, sporty beach sandals, a white golf shirt and a black New York Yankees fitted hat. “The interview ended with you just about to explain how you came about with Sondeza, can you tell me?

At first I thought he was a stoner who wanted to ask me for a sip of my lemon and mint granita until he threw his keys on the table and said, “lets get into this”. ” “Well it started growing up when as young guys at university we were all staying in these small spaces together, you know a cramped student digs with like 4 guys sharing a room, and obviously, girls would come around and some of us would have to sit and watch while the other guys did their thing…” Suddenly, out of nowhere my line of questioning is interrupted when a burlesque looking middle age black guy dressed in formal work gear joined our table and promptly asked Tau if he was hungry or had breakfast.

Tau attributes these setbacks mainly to the almost unmanageable flux of unsuitable content uploaded by viewers, which sometimes bordered on paedophilia, which he could not fully control because the site relies mainly on user generated content.

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