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She always had this spirit and it was all there, it was just a matter of her finding a way for her to kind of express it, you know.

I read that several actresses turned down the role of Leyla because of the lesbian sex scenes, what it was that made you take it.

And I can relate to that period of time in between where you’re just finding your way and just kind of going through it… Not because it was a coming out scene but because of the emotions that it brought up.

The scene where she came out to her mother and father? ” You know, and these are people that you love more than anything and you’re trying to actually reach out and share and they’re not seeing it.

She also appeared in The Wood, opposite Omar Epps, Rhapsody, All About You, and Go for Broke.

Can a lesbian romantic comedy, take on those bigger issues and still be lighthearted?

She did shows in churches and high schools in her native Chicago.

In addition to acting, Mc Coy has also appeared in dozens of music videos, including "Know Filter 2" by Shleah, Tugoa, T.

Now I find, generally speaking, if movies make people uncomfortable, it’s usually because they’re dealing with something they don’t want to deal with, or seeing something, or you know, it hits home…

I thought it was refreshing to have the kind of banter that Leyla and Tala did.

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