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Indifferent and noncommittal treatment, more often than not, is the kind of treatment that communicates low expectations and leads to poor performance.

In general, managers are more effective in communicating low expectations to their subordinates than in communicating high expectations to them, even though most managers believe exactly the opposite.

Again, it is well known that the efficacy of a new drug or a new treatment can be greatly influenced by the physician’s expectations – a result referred to by the medical profession as a When an employee is treated by her manager as a super-person, she tries to live up to that image, and does what she knows a super-employee is expected to do.

But, when an employee, with poor productivity records, is treated by her manager as not having .

Clearly, the way managers treat subordinates, not the way they organize them, is the key to high expectations and high productivity.

Managerial expectations must pass the test of reality before they can be translated into performance.

What managers believe about themselves subtly influences what they believe about their subordinates, what they expect of them, and how they treat them.

Cases available from scientific research now reveal:1) What managers expect of their subordinates and the way they treat them largely determines their performance and career progress.2) A unique characteristic of superior managers is the ability to create high performance expectations that subordinates fulfill.3) Less effective managers fail to develop similar expectations, and as a consequence, the productivity of their subordinates suffers.4) Subordinates, more often that not, appear to do what they believe they are expected to do.

If managers’ expectations are high, productivity is likely to be excellent.

If their expectations are low, productivity is likely to be poor.

In the popular book, "Harvard Business Review on Managing People," one of the articles is by J.

Sterling Livingston, who presents "Pygmalion in Management." I present you the gist of that article.

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