Internet dating acronyms

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Check out the document above, with the conspicuous subject of "CYA." This document was used by CBS News on a broadcast presented by Dan Rather about President George W.Bush's service in the Air National Guard and so-called failure to live up to requirements.THX was created by Tomlinson Holman for the third Before there was a shorthand for "because," there was Christ.

Nevertheless, it's interesting to look at how pre-Internet acronyms and abbreviations like "LOL" have taken on new meanings ("laughing out loud") with the introduction of widely popular Internet idioms.OMGs are seen as such a threat that organizations such as the International Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Investigators Association (IOMGIA) exist purely to train law enforcement officers on dealing with these biker gangs.Used online to quickly say "please," PLZ is also well-known in aviation as the airport code for the Port Elizabeth Airport in South Africa.Medievia is an online, fantasy-themed, text-based game founded in 1992. Or maybe just a fan of George Lucas and his production company, Lucasfilm?ROFL made its appearance in 1998 and officially disbanded in 2001, to the disappointment of the Medievia community and their clan leader, Tharghan. If so, you'll be happy to know that THX isn't just shorthand for lazy people typing "thanks," it's also the acronym for Tomlinson Holman's e Xperiment, an audio spin-off of Lucasfilm.

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