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But Elliot and his colleagues were trying to figure out whether color can actually change a person’s appeal.Across five experiments, the results were always the same.They showed, for example, that when heterosexual women rated the attractiveness of the same female stranger, they weren’t swayed by the border’s color.In addition, men didn’t believe the red-bordered woman was more likable, kind, or intelligent—only that she was more attractive and sexually appealing.Gueguen and Jacob used digital software to create six photos for each woman, identical except for the color of their T-shirts.Every two weeks they rotated the image on the website, and asked the women to count how many men contacted them.Match democratized the dating world, giving the shy, nervous, and squeaky-voiced relationship-seekers a chance to shine in a game once monopolized by alpha males and bar room Casanovas.

According to Christian Rudder of Ok Trends, Ok Cupid’s now defunct research site, 32 percent of all first-time messages attract a reply.

You will get more interest and responses here than all paid dating sites combined!

Let’s imagine for a minute that six identical 23-year-old female sextuplets were born and raised in a secluded U. Their pictures are almost identical, but the women distinguish themselves by wearing six different-colored plain T-shirts.

All of the undergrads saw the same woman wearing the same clothes—but the experimenters randomly changed the color of the thick border that framed the photo, alternating among white, red, blue, and green.

Psychologists know some things about color: Blue is the most popular color in the world, black is associated with elegance, wealth, power, and strength, green soothes and calms, and red is the color of love and romance.

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