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Effective Date: November 23, 2011 Welcome to Simply Good Games, a personal online service operated by Simply Good Games LLC ("Simply Good Games") which consists of, among other things, software that you have downloaded or are about to download, any software that you have embedded on a web site or are about to embed ("Simply Good Games Apps"), any applications created by Simply Good Games and available through social networking sites ("SNS Apps"), any software running on Simply Good Games' servers, ("Simply Good Games Software"), content, related documentation, information on the Simply Good Games domain, and information made available by users to each other through the Simply Good Games Software (collectively, the "Service").Your privacy is important to us and, as described in this Privacy Policy, we have designed the Service to protect information about you from unauthorized disclosure to others.We recommend that minors over the age of 13 ask their parents for permission before sending any information about themselves to anyone over the Internet.We do not sell or rent your "Personally Identifiable Information" to any third party.

Other than names and email addresses provided at your discretion, we don't generally collect any "Personally Identifying Information" about our users (such as social security number, telephone number, street address, drivers license number, etc.), exception being for billing and payments where we store your billing information such as name, street address, phone number.

Simply Good Games’ Privacy Policy is incorporated herein by reference.

By using or accessing the Service, you agree to be bound by these Terms.

This Privacy Policy explains how we collect, use and, in certain circumstances, share your personally identifying information.

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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