Girl meets girl a dating survival guide

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Yesterday I was at immigration getting a re-entry permit for Thailand.

Very simple procedure by the way only cost 1000 baht for a single.

Typically the money girls are willing to do what you want as long as you pay them to do it, it's not usually money they are after as they take that as an insult as if they are hookers, typically they just want to be taken care of be given "gifts" which in turn costs you money.

These girls can be easily led on but what you need to have is a girlfriend.

Now the girlfriend trick works and it works better than you think because now you have a girlfriend this money girl won't turn into a stalker girl because Thai girls are afraid of other Thai girls and she won't come anywhere near your place if she knows you have a girlfriend there, perfect!

How if you want to have a Thai girlfriend your going to need to have a lot of money.

That's right, the money girls are easier if you have a girlfriend, this is because they want what your girlfriend has or is perceived to have.

Even if you don't have a girlfriend and the girl starts talking about wanting a laptop, easy, tell them that you just recently bought your girlfriend the latest Mac laptop.

So I'm there and this older gentleman started making conversation typical Australian. "Let me tell you a thing or two" he goes on to tell me how he's lived here for 30 years and that I'll need a tonne of money if I'm going to have a Thai girlfriend or date Thai girls.

Anyway, so he asks me what I'm doing here, I made a complicated response easy by telling him I'm here to study Thai. After he told me all this I immediately knew that after 30 years in Thailand he still didn't get the game, then he walked up to the immigration officer and started speaking loudly and was rather obnoxious so I dismissed the guy and went on with my day.

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