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But then I realised I had not memorised any of their numbers. I could sense the officers getting scared when they saw me doing this and they continued telling him, “You don’t want to go to court and face the hassle.” I was really losing my temper, but my ex-boyfriend kept telling me not to lose it, because he didn’t want to get into more trouble. Why did your ex-boyfriend follow them, and why did you choose to follow them as well?

The three men then refused to give him back his IC and asked us to go to the police station. The thing is, they acted rough with my ex-boyfriend every time I started kicking up a fuss. It was the USJ8 police station, and no, they didn’t tell us we were under arrest.

’’ laungan ketua kelas bergema dalam kelas tingkatan Enam Sastera.

Dia seorang pelajar yang cemerlang dalam pelajaran. ’’ sengaja Fatin bersuara gatal sambil mengedip-ngedipkan matanya.

After ice cream, we drove around and stopped at a park.

We kissed a bit, and after five minutes a police car pulled up behind us. In the car were three men — two in police uniform and one plainclothes. The plainclothes man said he was from the jabatan agama. ” I told my ex-boyfriend, “If anyone is going to get charged for khalwat, it’s going to be me and not you, so don’t listen to them!

Ikram Rafei adalah ketua kelas yang telah dipilih berdasarkan ketegasannya.

I really didn’t want to go along, but I didn’t have my wallet on me, or my handphone, or my IC. At the police station, they then asked us for RM500 so that we could settle the issue right there and walk away. ” But then the officers all started threatening him again, telling him he couldn’t go back to Sydney, that they could do things to withhold his visa to re-enter Australia.

I said, “We are not paying you RM500.” But then my ex-boyfriend agreed to pay. That’s when they asked me for my home address, and I said, “No bloody way.” My ex-boyfriend then decided to call his friend to borrow the money. In the end, my ex-boyfriend caved in and called his friend. Yes, it took about 20 minutes for his friend to come to the station. ” Then my ex-boyfriend had to go to the bathroom and they started harassing me instead. Then my ex-boyfriend returned from the bathroom and everyone was quiet for a while. Then his friend arrived with the money, and he paid them off.

‘’Tapi awek saya ni kuat membebel cikgu, mengalahkan nenek saya. Jadi suami orang pun rasanya tak kena Queen control macam tu,..’’ seluruh kelas gamat lagi dengan kenyataan Muhammad Ikbal. Tugas saya sebagai guru hanya memeriksa dan memastikan kerja yang awak buat tu berkualiti,.kalau tak, awak faham sendirilah. Kadang-kadang mereka lebih bijak berkata-kata daripada melakukan kerja yang disuruh.

‘’Mana awak tahu, jadi suami orang, tak kena Queen Control? ’’ soalan dari cikgu Omar kepada Muhammad Ikbal juga mendapat sambutan dari seluruh kelas.

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