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A few I would add/elaborate on: Don’t just go dancing, try swing, salsa, or chacha.

It’s quiet and beautiful to see the sky as well as the layout of the city. Quite romantic :) These are some really good ideas!

However, there is one catch: you’re not allowed to talk about or think about anything wedding related while on your date. A lot of these games offer great week day prices on tickets and beer. Some can be expensive but jesus people stop being cheap!

To give you a little nudge, we’ve rounded up fifty of the best cheap date ideas to try with your honey. Another idea would be to go and watch a minor league baseball game in your area.

(This is nearly free if you have your own equipment; if not, opt for a water gun fight instead.) 20. Permanent marker washes off after a few days, washable marker, for the most part, will wash off as soon as you run water over it, but sometimes leaves stains, so don’t draw anywhere visible or anything too racy.

Use a marker and draw on on each other’s backs, legs, and arms.

Learn a new outdoor activity together (kayaking, gardening, canoeing, hiking, horseback riding, or sailing). He even jumped out from behind a tree, and scared me. If it’s not too far, drive outside the city and have dinner under the stars. Go downtown or to a park and have a photo shoot of each other. Watch an old foreign movie on silent and make up your own lines to the story. Take a cooking class together at a local parks and rec or community college. Its not for everyone, but it does pass time, and gives you plenty of time to spend some solo time with your significant other. We are on the look for some new things, and this site did give us a few things that we haven’t done yet. -Randi Leanne Go to a coffeehouse that features local artists and listen them play. It was cheaper than buying a full trees worth of ornaments, and they’re all original! (Good for a rainy day.) We each bought a square foot of white fabric(2 square feet total, but separate) and bought fabric markers, we drew on them and designed them, then framed them and hung them in our living room. LOL We “ghost hunt.” We take my camera, go to different cemeteries or other dark places and take pictures and talk to “spirits.” We have caught a few things on camera. And the comments with more suggestions are great too. If you think it’s too pricey, be creative and change it up a bit rather than complaining! I second a few comments above that there are a couple datea that are a bit pricey but it always depends on your area; I’m sure I could do almost 80% of these for cheap :) & ‘cheap’ is different for everyone! Always a blast & if u go with a specific list of items to find for your home, u really can save a fortune & spend an entire Saturday today together with your man :) Thanks again!! It’s all about learning something about history together.) You can sometimes score deals here. Plan a picnic: fill a basket with wine, cheese, crackers, and a comfy blanket. We pack a picnick, and our fishing stuff and head to a park where you can fish for free. We bought two BB guns and had saved up soda cans and stuff and went into the woods to shoot. We’ve bought clay, and made our own ornaments for our Christmas tree and just baked them in the oven and painted them afterwards. I love so many options I don’t know which one is my fave! (If too expensive near you, head to a local historic marker and learn about your town. My boyfriend and I have come up with a few ideas of our own.

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