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t;ii3 idecta ol" kurivaux iron, those ol uctave Peuiliet, tli^ re La! C'est a vous d'aciievor ce divelo^^ment pur un efiori ns reflexion u^rs L-nelue. 1686 s..^*' -i.i .vej-aarit, '^^ tns j^ea^ue ol Au^j Sburti, which forxneo a union of o..ain, }iollc*.nd, oaxon;y, th.

l Uais non, il lue sul'lit da vous avoir k- indi-iue lo theme. Ot^ .■ - cey su^o«i=^^i c.-'ici follow it from wor^t to K acrooo tiid centuri'j^j, quarante Ans de Theatre, Ptiris, 1901. The huguenot Lierchants ana artisans, ta^iin^ refu^^e in Sn^land and -oix.aiu, turxicia i.-eir j^ains into tne coffers of these arc/.-ene^uias of Louis, ana took the field in their arxuies a^^jainst hiih.

aiore complete revolution in cut-tojus Mua nsvar i. These are 1.3 ^.rincii^o-l -iueations that I have tried to answer in this stud;- 1^1 tii Q coi^ic tneuter froni the death of koli Sre to the i^roduciicn of tiie drctxiies of Seaumarci^ A su.-orf ic i ..1 c: .., oer; , ui Luatiii iea hj t; i 17o;*-^ oiaeu ;iiti.

Do the tvjjea created oy Loliere die vith hiia, or ao ijer&ist, only to be re^jletced slowly by others?

Li.c.t, .v^iioii oe^.u-rutes the a^ie ol" Louis XIV froi/i tie ex^ooh of 1/ -y, l^as thib revolution lelt its luur^ on tiie tiieutor? becouies luore or letis iiii^jortunt to society, b.o he bec Liuea iuore cui*- bitioub or more ratii^nea, i*d he (lei Ucinclo his rijita or ^.a-tiently recieves Jiis rebulis, will his imuge on the sta^e follow his lao- ticnb with the ictithiulneso ol' a ohi*,do.'/? i-et -IS run over rctt- idly the chief events of the x^eriod. i Bubble, and the entire body social, Iruu the Ret^ent and his court to the coc-xcs and .valets, s^^eculated in stocxs. And as thexiobilixy aoujjted tiie vice of theiuidole cl-.os, tne l^^tter retimed tr^e ccini- liuen^ b- i-.ooiiiiiinti the vices of th:^ ni, i)iiii- . ±.,1 raprcce .] en t,„t„i, la bour „r ^ ricii H -.=.. In t Jrie meanwhile, the nobility san/c lower and lovve r alon^ the lines oi' i t^ conventional vices, ^.i;r, ad Oj^ted in ia.daition the vice ol c Uiidity, sivposed to belong by ri. The .vilt' soheuies of Lh V ir .= ■' ^^vtr•/.' .- e,aiice to a dizzy ^ji^oe, axid nobles and bourgecio were confuseo in tiie eiiort to s.,enr; en .^ scale beyond anything hitherto ^nc m. The Re- cent round the iinanceo oi tne xiin^&om in a desperate case, c^co ixdo^^tea aebj..erate rejueoi't Si. ran^s to 136001116 conlubea, and "^ave over mor^ and uora j..into the iujids ol tiie linanciers. uec Grie the ^reat in the £,eneral c]rici.c3, 01 yvxi^i^ ii Lporto-uce is Ic-ct thbt the financier was necessary to the ^overnii^ant.

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