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In a world of sometimes darkness, she is a bringer of the Light.

To know her is to be reunited again with every thought Ive ever had about all that is good and kind and beautiful; with every hope Ive ever held about gentle and supporting companionship; and with every fantasy Ive ever entertained about lovers truly in life and helped me in my work, modeling behaviors and attributes and ways of being that have inspired and instructed me.

The second surprise was that people actually bought the book, and even recommended it to their friends.I remember that my aunt was not very happy with the scene that she encountered, when, knocking once, she came bursting in through the back screen door.Mom acted as if shed been caught red-handed doing something she wasnt supposed to be doing.I didnt believe Him, Of course, I havent believed two-thirds of what God has been telling me since the day I was born. Now you may not believe that Ive had such a conversation, and I have no need for you to believe it. It simply makes it easier, if you choose to do so, to dismiss out of hand what I was told in that conversationwhich some people have done.On the other hand, there have been many people who have not only agreed that such a conversation is possible, but have also made communicating with God a regular part of their own lives.

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