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You can use another browser like Opera but I find that it's too slow.

There is a way to enable the Media Net browser but it is way more involved than just editing the Web Sessions.

This was the last driver for this hardware as it is very old and was never updated again.

What you could try is running the driver in compatibility mode.

It's totally unbranded except for Media Net and it frees up about 10 MB on the phone.

I then created a 96 x 80 pixel graphic GIF file of the at&t logo and used it as the outer display graphic.

This software is only available to Windows PC users — no Mac or Linux support from Lenovo.

Most Lenovo phones get their latest software updates via over-the-air updates directly to the phone.

You just need to manually input the settings which is fairly easy to do.

Just follow the instruction in the at&t forums wiki .

Good Luck :-) I love tinkering with stuff but I just got a RAZR V3 on new AT&T contract for my wife and they sent me one thats branded for Cingular(new phone but old stock) I know functionally it doesn't matter but how can I get everything to reflect AT&T.

I called AT&T and they couldn't help, and told me to call Motorola which I did, and if any of you have ever called Moto you already know how that went(Non productive, and ultimately got disconnected). I've been searching for some time now for an at&t branded MP for the V3. What I ended up doing was loaded Aprestel's Monster Pack with Cingular Media Net.

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