Filemaker server guide to updating plugins

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- Copy individual or all contacts from Apple contacts to File Maker records or vice versa.- Framework for automatic matching and updating of contacts between the two applications in both directions.- Copy all contact details or only a selection.- Use File Maker's find function to link a File Maker record to an Apple contacts card.- Use Apple's contacts people-picker (Enhanced in V2) to select contacts from contacts right inside FM.- Make Skype calls directly from File Maker.- Available as site license with a maximum of 10, 25, 50, 100 or unlimited authorisations.- You can use one serial number/name combination for all authorisations up to the maximum of the purchased license.- V2 now has UTF8 support, and is both 32/64 bit compatible.- Also available as a bundle with the calendar plugin.- New in V2.7: exchange contact images between File Maker Pro and Contacts - New in V2.7: splash window is no longer shown on startup, but can be enabled by the developer Latest version: 2.7 Compatible with Mac OS 10.9x up to 10.13x (Mac OS High Sierra)32 and 64 bit works with File Maker 11 to 17* * File Maker versions 13 and lower unfortunately block secure communication to the authorization server.If you already established links between File Maker and your contacts and you haven't synced to i Cloud yet the solution for this problem is to store the serial number from your File Maker Contacts in Contacts and always search for that serial number when you want to exchange data with Apple's contacts 2 when you create a new Apple contact using the plugin it will be created in the account set in the Apple contacts Preferences Default Account More info can be found in the manual Can I use the contacts plugin with Card DAV accounts?Yes, our tests show that the plugin works OK with contacts stored on a Card DAV server.

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yes, the plugin works great with contacts stored on i Cloud some things you should know when you're planning to do that: 1 when you convert a local contacts book to i Cloud, all UIDs ( the contacts serial number that connects each Apple contact to your File Maker solution ) will change.

Each client needs a separate licensed copy of the Contacts plugin.

For more information see the FAQ about site licensing.

Included is a people-picker window from which you can select Apple contacts directly from within your File Maker database.

The download includes a set of FMP examples to get you started.

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