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A list "of participants for the three workshops, workshop goals, and workshop agend&s are included. -^omon G Minor changes have been rr^ade to .rr^prove rep Toduction quality. "83-16 Conyrlght© 1983bytlie ' - V American Association for the Advancement of Science 1776 j Massadiusetts" Avenue, NW . ' impairment to perform an activity in the manner o;: within . ' •* Handicap: a disadvantage for a given individual, resulting from an ^ impairment or a disability, lhat limits or prevents the fulfillmerit of a role that is normal Cdepending in age, ^ " /\ ' sex, social and cu Ltural ff actors) for that individual. I had to learn too.'' Gradu^nf I developed m^ language by using i.^ Don't you «,ant to talk to your fri^ndi'"' Marketing is hard work', the . eiq^iipraerilt whereby the ..secretary sits down with ^- ' * . ■ When I returned to Rancho* to take a staff position in 1963^ I found a revo- lution had taken place with respect to motorized wheelchair philosophy. Direct current servo motors were used at each joint and were individually controlled by a variety of ingen^ious swi tcli arrays. "Medical Manipulation." First CISM-IFTo MM Symposium o f ;^Theory.'and Design of Robots and Manipulators. The disabled educators in the AACTE study felt that employers could discriminate without appearing to discriminate and that it is to the advantage of the disabled applicant to allay unspoken doubts and fears as they are being considered for a position.

• * Poirtts of view or opinions stated in this docu_ n,ant do not necessarily represent o H. CO ■■' : "PERMISSION TO REPRODUCE THIS j MATERIAL IN MICROFICHE ONLY i HAS BEEN GRANTED BY TO THE EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES INFORMATION CENTER (ERIC)." ERIC - ■ . ■ • ■ Project on the Handicapped in Science ■; ' j ' ■ " ■ ■■ . ■ American Association for the Advaiicement of Science • .■..•1 ERIC This book is based upon group participation and presentations given at three te Son S^Srkshops on SQiejice and Technology for the Handicapped con- ^^nedby S to 1981, andfimdedby National Science Fomidation Graixt No. , ' r9 •3 I^BN 87168-264-8 ^ A^.' ' ' Mbraxj^ of Congress Catalog Number 83-736^5 . The interaction betyeen thes^ three phases in the development of . It is the primary role 6f the health care profession IMPAIRMENT medicine 'DISABILITY HANDICAP engineering. advertising, the traveling, the conven- tions^.' the meetings. Our 1 Now you probably are' Honde ring if we made any money ejut pf/ this? We , ^are: involved in it emot:i9naliy and it has become an ego thing t/ V Meanwhile, we haye mpre than ten dompetitors. All they do is give y©u a patent, but they will not protect: *yp\i ' - ^/ The question' -ish S^-w^ th& f 100, p(}4? be used by tha-'Widest -.rrtajority of \ - 'the handicapped group. develop a ] - specialized device for just one person, I woulci take that fcinie arid sp^nd it on a device that will' help a hundred to^a thousand or ten tho.us^and -p^oplja. usie outside people, and devices that they have alreddy deyel- ^ oped. They were now being strongly recommended^ for anyone with a significant degree of arm weakness. Several similar versions of this system were built. They suggested that the reality may be that it is harder to land the first job if you are disabled and believed that direct communication about one*s limitations as well as an explanation of the ways that one has learned to perform the job in qisestion may be helpful in the job interview.

■ Passenger Feodor Govemeur of Stuttgart, Germany, said the flight .

Please see HIJACK/A2 Number of interracial couples doubles over period of 12 years Section A Weather..—.....

Reno, 54, hns~bccn the Miami-aren • "prosecutor for 1 5. 230 lawyers who ”prd Rccuje"40,000 ~ felonies a year.: — Pag* AS— Tournament time Clinton picks Miami’s Reno to lead Justice The Associated Press WASHINGTON — naming_tlic„ nation’s first female attorney general, President Clinton nominated Miami prosecutor Janet Reno on Thursday.Her selection came after two earlier candidates stumbled because they had hired illegal aliens.IHnd tools have become machine tools and now machine tools have evolved hands.^- We ^e building general purpose programmable machines ('robots) whose primary functigtn i V^to manipulate other machines (manually). he^r ink ' they may serve the disabled as vision and hear- ing aids, or, they can .serve as "seeing-eye-robots" and hearin^-ear-robots . useful to distinguish between anatomical and functional-rehabilitation strat^egies. .' ; ■ ^- Minneapolis, Minnesota They and their university .staff members gave generously of tjieir time and knowledge to assist the AAAS staff in program planning-,, local connections, aind logi^stics. disabled and n.on-diisabled persons from organization^ in each conuniinity who served on planning committees and arranged for local services. This volt^e Is the result of the hard work of four people: ^ , , \^ . Science* A major thrust of the Project since its beginning has been the* development of a Resource^ Group of Disabied'' Scientists . ." We had to -educate the people.' , ■ , - ■ , ^ Now deaf people and their parents and prof essional peopl^ very ;of ten have , hlock Thev sav. We ha Ve/to be/sm^Vter,,' ^nd.ra^ p Ian b e*i te r . This reflects my view' of its importance in virtually all aspects of life performance: surviving and living independently, c} - » ■ • Y 49 Betting educated and working, enjoying leisure time and friendships, maintaining fhome and family love relationships, even transcending disailement-or trans- ^ forming it into a positive experience. v(; Ly aid the user in controlling the manipulator. The number two .barrier, according to educators with disabilities, is admis- sion to teacher education programs.The dominant philosophy in fehabilitation, implicit 'and explicit, has been to replace lost or damaged anatomy. Sue^ardellini Fonnan served; as principal copy- editor and ^. Mary Mc Carthy collected arid did: ^ ' \ initial organization and editing of the manuscripts. \ Groce assisted in summarizing the small group sessions. " Lorraine Stillvell coordinated workshop registration and follow-up activities. Kathryri Wolff, Joellen Fritsche, and ^Susannah Borg of the AAAS Meetings and . This • group, now numbering, over 1,000^ consults on matters of handicapped indivitiuals' access to science education* architectural and laboratory access ibili-jty, profes- sional meeting accessibility, aids and equipment, and barriers to employment.. I re all ze we c an ' tydp every thing all ;' 'ourselyes 1 ; * ; ., ' • ' , We should J divide; it up; some of us ate better ati/msinagement'; J some •better at workiipg withrpiir hands and put|:ing things tdg.&ther.; some: are better at ■ getting the money r ahd^ others are better' iat selling. «nfied .e^t^b-' '^^^ \ish a central group of hatidiclapped:' pep^le' who could c Not cmly yould the business benef itv but/the handicapp ■•a sensi B of prjde. Rehabilitation engineering is bne of two non-psychological phenomena repeat- edly ^ited as ifaving powerful influence on the psychological well-being of dis- abled people:. However, these efforts could not overcc)me tfie inherent limitations of an ortho- sis which attempted to animate the paralyzed biuman arm. wa- to loaoii (ho Mooi and/or ovoihoad sholvos lor I. oailiost voision had tonr dov', roos -o t - 1 rot- dom plus ^',rasp and is . Iho dovioo was nsod in both lahlo and M ,, Mn Uovoiod loaohor woro oarriod out Ti\r^thc NASA Jot Vvo- I ,(oiv Ml Miwhoio a manipulator witli throe additional do^roos ot tii. J, and Mergler, K., "Medical Engineering and Progress -Report on Case Rvsearcli Arm Aid." Case Institute of Technology. One illustrative case is that of Olympic- bound skier Jill Kinmont Boo the, who^e story was dramatized in the movie "The Other Side of the Mountain." She wrote that after a skiing accident left her quadriplegic she decided to go back to school and major in education.

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