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"brandied cherries), cold storage (when available), and a few other methods less often.The milestone event in the containerized preservation of food was the development of the hermetically sealed container by the French inventor M.In general, food bottles have not inspired as much interest from collectors (the source of a large majority of bottle reference books) as other categories.Thus, foods have received a relatively limited amount of research in comparison to the relative commonness of the type.

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The organization of this typology page is based on a mix of shape, dominant design, contents, and/or closure type - often within the same category.The incredible variety of fruit/canning jar closures were a prime example of closure importance - a subject discussed later on this page.(A "Lightning" bail type canning jar closure is shown on the canning jar pictured below.) Due to the similarities, this typology section also contains the large category of fruit/canning jars as they were definitely designed and used for food preservation containers though envisioned and marketed as being indefinitely re-usable (until broken) whereas the other food containers discussed here were largely used once and discarded.For instance, the first category - "Sauces & Condiments" - has sub-categories based on a design theme ("Gothic", "Club"), shape ("Ribbed"), contents (Ketchup/Catsup), or a combination of two like design and contents ("Barrel Mustard").Other categories - like "Canning Jars" - are largely based on dominant closure types.

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