Django syncdb not updating database

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Settings provided by contrib apps are listed below, followed by a topical index of the core settings.For introductory material, see the , if the request URL does not match any of the patterns in the URLconf and it doesn’t end in a slash, an HTTP redirect is issued to the same URL with a slash appended.Some browsers (specifically Internet Explorer) can disallow the use of persistent cookies or can have the indexes to the cookie jar corrupted on disk, thereby causing CSRF protection checks to (sometimes intermittently) fail.Change this setting to The domain to be used when setting the CSRF cookie.This should either match the URL path of your Django installation or be a parent of that path.This is useful if you have multiple Django instances running under the same hostname.

If an attacker can read the cookie via Java Script, they’re already on the same domain as far as the browser knows, so they can do anything they like anyway.They can use different cookie paths, and each instance will only see its own CSRF cookie.(Empty dictionary) A dictionary containing the settings for all databases to be used with Django.See the documentation on Boolean value to control whether or not the default test runner serializes the database into an in-memory JSON string before running tests (used to restore the database state between tests if you don’t have transactions). Applications that are expected to receive unusually large form posts should tune this setting.The amount of request data is correlated to the amount of memory needed to process the request and populate the GET and POST dictionaries.

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