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Quilting cottons were still scarce, and calico print fabrics used for making clothing started to appear in quilts.

However, the growing interest in quiltmaking inspired people to make quilts out of what was available— polyester double knit.

It documented a moment in time when we began to see things change.

I was never sure if anyone actually read the article, but it seems relevant today. Quilts of the 1970s are beginning to surface, and many of them are made with polyester double knit materials.

Sales records maintained by the Volckening Collection from 2010 to 2014 indicate many polyester quilts were available for less than fifty dollars, primarily through e Bay, Etsy and local vendors.

A masterpiece Hexagon Diamonds quilt found at a thrift store in Oregon was purchased for thirty-five dollars.

A large Crazy Block quilt from Idaho is made mostly with raw-edge applique.

(See Figure 3) The patches are outlined with hand stitching, which is mostly decorative.

(11 ) One of the intriguing characteristics of the polyester Double Wedding Ring in the Volckening Collection is the inclusion of Day Glo fabric; a fluorescent, greenish-yellow, tennis ball color in the upper right-hand corner block.(See Figure 4) The wool, a bright red fabric, deteriorated in places and is being replaced with vintage polyester double knit fabric purchased through e Bay.According to Silber, the quilt came from an African-American estate in Altadena, California, but no additional information was available.Several objects made with polyester appear in the book, including an orange and blue Nine Patch variation from the Volckening Collection.(1) (See Figure 1) The quilt came from an e Bay seller in Washington state and includes cotton blends and polyester; it is backed with a blue and white striped bed sheet, tied, and finished with a wide blue binding.

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