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Prosperity of the town came to an end during the Swedish invasion of Poland.On April 12, 1657, Swedish and Transylvanian armies met here, and the castle was the temporary residence of George II Rakoczi.At that time what today is Ćmielów was divided into two villages - Ćmielów itself, located in the vicinity of the castle, and nearby Szydłów.Both villages were merged in 1505, when in Radom, King Alexander granted town charter to the town of Ćmielów.United armies of the two powers destroyed most of Lesser Poland, together with Ćmielów.In the 18th century the town belonged to several families (Lubomirski family, Małachowski family, Pusłowski family), and in 1896 - to Prince Aleksander Drucki-Lubecki.Good Solid Machine , Well Maintained Fleet unit ( Records dating back to 2010 ) 2002 Cat 160H VHP ROPS Grader , Ripper , wing blade 17.5R25 fronts , 17.5R25 , 9970 hours , turn key unit available for ...Dated 1963 Please note this item is available via online auction through Max

If you have any questions to ask , please feel free ...Some time in the 18th century Ćmielów emerged as a center of pottery.In 1750, King Augustus III of Poland issued a privilege to local artisans, allowing them to sell their products across the country.The new town remained in the hands of the Szydłowiecki family, which turned it into one of their residences.Chancellor Krzysztof Szydłowiecki invested in the castle, making it a Renaissance palace (1519-1531).

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