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Some actors — the best ones — can command a room without saying a word, with a walk or a look.When I mention this to Jack O’Connell he fixes me, right on cue, with an extraordinary, tractor-beam stare. JJ shows Albert some magic tricks while Lara gets ready for their date. I hope Albert turns out to be fat so they can call him Fat Albert. The pair are thought to have spent the weekend together in O'Connell's Derby home.

I suppose it’s kind of neat that she’s the only character to properly tie Generation 1 and 2 together (and no one seems to care about Generation 3 anyway), initially appearing as Tony’s rebellious sister before blossoming into a (slightly) more complex character.

He creeps out all the kids outside who’ve probs already been told to beware of the candyman. Well, or being an angry militant sexually aggressive lesbian-cum-bisexual. He’s only one minute away from getting his face blown off in the war, like that old lady’s friend. Cook’s willing to pay his board in the way of dating advice, and offers JJ three tips: 1.

Thomas yells that he does have hairy balls, which he should probably take care of if he wants any more lesbians to give him beejers. Cook: Well let me make fucking use of myself then, Jaykins.

It’s half-mesmerising, half-terrifying, and all the more impressive because he is delivering it while wearing white satin pyjamas.

The message is clear: “I belong in that group.” Plenty would agree, including Bafta, which named O’Connell its Rising Star in 2015; Michael Caine, with whom he appeared in Harry Brown and who took to shouting “star of the future” at him on set; and Angelina Jolie, who picked him to play Louis Zamperini, the American athlete turned Second World War Po W, in her film Unbroken.

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