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Still, this is the type of place that ladyboys would be all over in other Southeast Asian countries.The most similar place to this street may be Khao San Road in Bangkok and you can’t walk around there without getting hit on by many ladyboys.If you want to do that you will be better off in Thailand or the Philippines.If your goal is to hook up with a lot of Southeast Asian ladyboys then read this e Book.Or maybe the Vietnamese ladyboys aren’t prostitutes looking to make money off sexpats?For more on all of the mongering in this city check out this link.

Well Ho Chi Minh has the main sexpat area where they should be hanging out and they aren’t there.

It is not as easy to find ladyboys in Ho Chi Minh City as you may think.

A lot of guys go backpacking through Southeast Asia and they get used to seeing ladyboys all over the place.

It will help break down all you need to know when planning your first ladyboy trip to Southeast Asia.

It will tell you the best cities to go to and how to go about your business when you are there.

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