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It is a pity the case back has been so heavily polished, there is usually a year of manufacture marked on the back.The Accutron is both a watch and a technology, and when the first Accutron tuning fork watches were first released to the public in 1960 they were seen as nothing short of revolutionary.Quartz watches were still a decade away, and while the Accutron wasn't the first electric watch – that honor goes to the Hamilton Electric 500, which debuted in 1957 to much fanfare – it was the first to achieve widespread success.Unfortunately for Hamilton their watch was rushed into production and exhibited significant initial teething problems, and when the Accutron came along, the Hamilton Electric 500 was doomed.The tuning fork mechanism of the Accutron gave it unprecedented accuracy and was seen, as well, as marvelous technology, and with unquestioned superiority on its side, Accutron timekeepers and watches found wide acceptance not only from consumers, but also in the worlds of astronautics and aeronautics – including in the cockpit of the fastest plane ever made.

Like the Blackbird, the A12 was made by Lockheed's famous Skunk Works division, which handled – and handles – classified aircraft development programs for the U. The need for the A-12 and SR-71 programs was born from the shortcomings of yet another secret aircraft project: the high-flying photo reconnaissance aircraft known as the U-2, operated by CIA as well as the Air Force, and nicknamed "Dragon Lady." The U-2 was designed for missions over the Soviet Union and was designed to fly at such high altitudes as to be unreachable by Soviet surface-to-air missiles.Suppose, now, that your clock has a pendulum that swings every half-second, doubling its oscillation.Your clock can now track half-seconds, giving the hands a smoother motion and allowing you to adjust it with a finer degree of precision.The Dragon Lady could reach altitudes in excess of 70,000 feet – more than twice the altitude of modern commercial passenger aircraft.However even as it flew its first missions, in 1956, it was already clear that sooner or later, Soviet radar and missile technology would catch up to the U-2. By then, however, development of what would become the A-12 was well along.

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