Brave new world dating

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A particularly salient example is a 2013 study which polled incoming freshmen at Boston College and later polled these same students at graduation that found that women leave Boston College with lower self-confidence than when they arrived.

This same study found that the male students at Boston College graduated with greater self-confidence than when they had arrived on campus freshman year.

Or at the very least, that sex is something sacred, that our bodies and our hearts know something that sometimes our heads do not. Jennifer Manning teaches Religious Studies at a Boston area private high school.

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Sex is completely divorced from procreation; babies are “decanted” in laboratories and are raised by the State.

But they are constantly told that they shouldn’t feel these things, that this is their time to be independent, to be free.

Fewer students are going on actual dates, and more are hooking up at parties, often with alcohol involved.

Students are “conditioned” through music, movies, and television to think that hook-ups are fun, pleasurable, and free from consequences.

The young women whom I teach dream of something more than hook-ups.

They share in class that they hope to possibly meet their future spouse in college, launch a career, get married in their late 20s, and have children.

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