Boundaries in dating by henry cloud

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Most memorable is indicators on how to determine if someone is trustworthy and if this person is worth pursuing. How to relate to others with proper boundaries and what I can do to effect healthy relationships in my life, no matter what the other person may do. I think this book is excellent and would listen to it many times, there is so much to glean.With Jesus Christ in the center of our life, you are given discernment and wisdom to add to all this good advice and you have a a wonderful platform to find your life Henry Cloud and John Townsend, I jumped at the opportunity, hoping to be both challenged and affirmed. And I finished the book with confirmation that I’m on the right track.After all, I’m always game to glean additional information about healthy dating relationships for my future. But, to be honest, I also struggled to connect at times. I even wanted to throw the book out the window at one point, but hunkered down and kept on reading. Here’s the deal: Dating is a topic on which I have a whole lot of head knowledge, but no real practical experience.He challenges each single person DARING TO DESIRE a change in their marital status to CHANGE their behavior, their pattern of where they go, of who they hang with, and to intentionally travel to places where they would meet, not date, five new singles per week.OBVIOUS LESSON: God does His part, but we must "do" our part with actions and faith while trusting our indwelt guide.

I’ve wrestled with what I believe about dating, its purpose, and whether or not it’s good for me to date (with proper boundaries, of course!

The authors remind the readers that we ought to “bring dating before God and ask for his guidance.

After all, the One who designed emotional connections knows best how they are best conducted, in a way that is satisfying for us and glorifying to him.” They also pose the all-important question young adults need to honestly ask themselves: “Does [the dating relationship] bring you closer to God, or push you further away?

THIS BOOK is AWESOME as it gives you HOPE and a PLAN to date with wisdom. Use this book as a guide, date with boundaries and confidence.

5 of 7 people found this review helpful Would you say that listening to this book was time well-spent? If your not a Christian its hard to choke down but if you can get past the religious aspect its very informative. John Townsend ’s performance would you have changed? Could you see Boundaries in Dating being made into a movie or a TV series? No 2 of 3 people found this review helpful Where does Boundaries in Dating rank among all the audiobooks you’ve listened to so far? Insights into human relationships; it's pitfalls, cautions, and success when done right.

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